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Health Insurance

F-1 Visa students are required to buy Rutgers International Student Health Insurance. The insurance plan is managed by United Health Care. This includes access to health centers on campus, major medical, hospitalization, mental health services and prescription coverage. Students may also choose from a large network of participating providers off-campus if preferred. Students are also required to provide proof of certain immunizations and health testing before arriving in the US.

Health Care Services

Rutgers University has three Health Centers on campus, which are easily accessible by the campus bus system. New Brunswick is also the home to two large medical centers, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and St. Peter's University Hospital, which can be utilized for both emergency and routine care. Please click the links below for more detailed information.

Rutgers Student Medical Services:

Rutgers Student Health Insurance:

Rutgers International Student Health Insurance:

Services Available to Students and Local Health Resources:

Required Immunization and Health Testing

Prior to beginning your studies in the RU-PATH Program, immunization and health testing information is needed to meet New Jersey State Law and Rutgers University requirements. If all required immunizations are not completed prior to your arrival in the USA, you will have to get the inoculations here, which may be more expensive. The following immunizations are required:

Rutgers University Student Immunization General Requirement Chart

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), 2 doses of vaccine or serologic proof of immunity REQUIRED
Meningococcal Meningitis REQUIRED ***
ACYW, at least 1 dose after the age of 16 or within 5 years of the original vaccine  
Tuberculosis (TB) Testing  REQUIRED *
Hepatitis B Vaccination and Titer  REQUIRED **
Influenza, annual dose of vaccine in fall   RECOMMENDED
Varicella, 2 doses of vaccine or serologic proof of immunity  RECOMMENDED
Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis, primary series plus Tdap booster  RECOMMENDED

The entire Immunization Record with both required and non-required immunizations is requested. This information becomes important in cases of an outbreak, students seeking additional vaccinations on campus and for travel such as study abroad.

*Required for students at high risk for TB (listed on the Immunization Record)

**For students taking 12 credits or more

***Required if residing in University student housing


*Grades/transcripts will be withheld if the immunization requirement for MMR is not met.

*If residing in University student housing, you will not receive your room assignment or key on Move-In Day until the immunization requirement for Meningococcal vaccination is met.

*Students with clinical activities may not begin, if immunizations are not met.

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