English for Academic Purposes (EAP)


The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses are offered by the Writing Program’s Rutgers English Language Institute (RELI). The EAP program is a suite of first-year, credit-bearing composition courses for multilingual students. The specific EAP writing course students are required to take depends on their English Placement Test results as well as their first day writing samples. All students begin with the writing course in which they are placed and continue until Expository Writing is completed. The following courses are currently being offered by EAP: 

EAP I: Writing Across Cultures (356:155) – Writing Across Cultures is a 4 credit first-year writing course for learners of English as an additional language. In this class, students will read, respond to, and critically analyze texts from a range of perspectives and fields addressing the relationship between culture and communication including cultural studies, sociology and sociolinguistics, language studies, fiction, poetry, and personal narrative. Students will expand on these analyses to compose a detailed multimodal portrait of the ways an author’s cultural identity relates to communication. Students successfully completing EAP I continue to EAP II.

EAP II: Academic Writing in the United States (356:156) – Academic Writing in the US is a 4-credit first-year writing course for learners of English as an additional language. In this class, students will compose narrative, analytical, and synthetic writing assignments, a discipline-specific research project, and a final digital project showcasing their development in critical thinking and composition. Course sessions will include discussion of trans-disciplinary and multimodal texts, practice assignments to develop writing and reading strategies, peer review, and student presentations on topics relevant to their disciplinary interest. Students successfully completing EAP II continue to Expository Writing.

Discussion and Presentation Skills (356:152) – This is a 1-credit elective course that focuses on academic communication skills within the classroom. It is a 13-week course that does not meet in the first and last week of classes. In this course, students will have the opportunity to develop and practice discussion and presentation skills about topics across the disciplines in both individual and collaborative projects. Students will also learn how to create and use a PowerPoint presentation, delegate roles for class presentations, research content for a panel discussion, answer audience questions, and project confidence in front of a group.


Dear students, 

Welcome to Rutgers! We are deeply grateful that you have chosen Rutgers as your academic home for the next four years. The EAP program serves an integral part in the first-year experience of our multilingual learners both inside and outside the classroom. Be sure to look at our EAP E-zine publication, Collected Voices, featuring work from EAP students! Ask your EAP professor how to submit your work to be considered for publication. Also, be on the lookout for our Global Conversations events for an opportunity to get involved in the RELI and EAP community. Please know that you are part of a vibrant and engaged global community committed to supporting your academic career. Thank you for making Rutgers a truly diverse and global institution!


English for Academic Purposes @RELI
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Director: Michael Mendonez